"But you grow if you stand still in the greatest doubt, and therefore steadfastness in great doubt is a veritable flower of life. He who cannot bear doubt cannot bear himself. Such a one is doubtful, he does not grow and hence he does not live." (Carl Jung)

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Marion Mensing, Dr. rer. nat.
Fully Qualified and Accredited Psychotherapist in Ireland
B.Sc. (Hons) Counselling & Psychotherapy
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Trained and qualified in...

...Deep Brain Reorienting (DBR),
a new psychotherapeutic modality that is transformational, empowering and deeply healing. It works underneath the conscious personality and solely with body awareness.

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...Internal Family Systems (IFS) Therapy,
a respectful and effective approach for healing trauma and attachment Issues.
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How I see my role as a therapist:
"Clients come to me with symptoms that are linked to a disconnection from their in-the-moment-authentic selves. In therapy, I aim to be a mirror that shows possibilities to connect with Self again and become a whole human being."

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  • Video Call Therapy In The Comfort And Seclusion Of Your Own Home
  • For Issues Around: Addiction, Anger, Anxiety, Attachment Issues, Bereavement, Bullying, Depression, Infertility/Fertility Treatment, Life Changes, Loss, Obsessions, Panic, Relationships, Self-Esteem, Self-Harm, Shame, Stress, Suicide, Trauma/PTSD And More...
  • Multiple Therapy Approaches Used — Including Deep Brain Reorienting (DBR) and Internal Family Systems (IFS) Therapy
  • Customised Therapy For Each Client
  • Flexible Schedule To Work Around Your Day

About Jungian Psychology:

A basic tenet of Jungian psychology is that there is a deep self within us, distinct from our personality and our ego. This self is the source of inner wisdom, healing, and harmony. 

Maybe, the following little analogy is a good illustration of what therapy—in my view—should orient towards:

You need not try so hard. If you trust your inner self, then you grow like a flower grows. The flower grows correctly, and it does not strive to grow, and it does not say to itself, "I must grow two inches [...] by tomorrow night at twilight!'" A flower 'is', and it allows itself to grow, and it is sure of its Is-ness and of the spirit of All That Is within it.
Now, goodness is as natural as a flower that grows. If a flower stopped growing when the sun was shining down upon it, however, and if it began to consider and said, "Wait! Should I grow to the left, or should I grow to the right? Is it good that the sun shines down on me, or is it too easy for me to grow in the light of the sun, and therefore should I attempt to grow instead in the darkness? Should I grow two inches to the right, or two inches to the left? I must strive to grow! I must develop an ego and an intellect, and I must try to reach that sun that is God and I must work hard because if I do not strive, I shall not achieve—and I must achieve!" 
But, beside our intellectual, conscientious flower is an idiot of a flower! And the idiot of a flower stands and feels the sun upon its face and opens up its leaves and says: "This is the sun, and it is good within me; it is the spirit of growth, and I'll follow it and give it freedom; and I care not whether I grow to the right or to the left, for in perfect trust with the spirit within me, I know I shall grow correctly."
And so it grows, our idiot of a flower, and it grows from within. And it is perfect and it is strong, but beside is our intellectual and spiritual flower. And this flower says, "Again! Three o'clock in the afternoon, the shadows are coming and the shadows are evil, and the sun is fading, and the night is coming, and the night is evil; and I must consider how best I can confound those adversaries...and it is easy to fail and not use my abilities and not to grow!"
And lo and behold, in the morning the sun rises, and what do we find? Our idiot of a flower in full bloom in the morning sun and our other flower with [...] head down, still considering the nature of good and evil and not trusting the spirit of vitality which is within it; and therefore, not listening to the inner voice...but questioning at every point and at every hour: "In which way shall I go? Shall I accept the sunlight or the rain? Or are these evil forces?" And telling itself over and over again that to grow is difficult and to die is easy. Telling itself over and over and over—in metaphysical terms now—that to be good is difficult and to be evil is easy.
And that is a deception. 
[...] But the existence of our idiot flower, is in itself, an example, for I will tell you—in the simplest terms that I can tell you—that you can trust the inner spontaneous self. It is, in your terms, a spirit of All That Is. It knows how to grow. It grew you from a foetus to an adult, and it did so without your striving, and without your stopping at every moment to say, "Are you growing right? Is my left toe growing correctly, or is it growing in the wrong direction?" If you would have had your say, the body never would have formed correctly; you would have taken that much time to make up your mind... [...]
Unless you are a child, you will not enter the Kingdom of Heaven! Unless you are joyful, unless you live in trust of spirit, you are not whole. [...]
All That Is 'is', and in Is-ness comes...creativity. You can allow your intellect full freedom when it follows the spontaneity of your being.

(from: Watkins, S. M., Conversations with Seth)

Marion Mensing Counselling, 
West Cork, Ireland