"To unlearn all distinctions save that concerning direction is part of your salvation. Hence free yourself from the old curse of the knowledge of good and evil. Because you separated good from evil according to your best appraisal and aspired only to the good and denied the evil that you committed nevertheless and failed to accept, your roots no longer suckled the dark nourishment of the depth and your tree became sick and withered." (Carl Jung)

Has my sexual behaviour become problematic?

Does your sexual behaviour or porn use have a significant negative impact on other areas of your life such as maintaining or forming relationships, spending time with family and friends, concentrating on work or studies?

Are you getting into debt, are you risking your mental or physical health or do you find it more and more difficult to maintain personal and legal boundaries because of your sexual compulsion?

Do you find yourself struggling to concentrate on other areas of your life because you are preoccupied with thoughts and feelings about your porn use or sexual behaviour?

Have you noticed that you need more and more stimuli or risk, or that you are watching what you would describe as more extreme porn, in order to achieve the same level of arousal and excitement?

Have you tried to limit your porn use or sexual behaviour, or stop all together, but repeatedly failed?

I offer online counselling through video call for clients struggling with compulsive sexual behaviour—as part of my ongoing training in the specialised area of Compulsive Sexual Behaviour Counselling (CPCAB accredited ISAT Diploma, Laurel Institute, UK). 

Your identity will be treated with the strictest confidentiality. The only limitations to confidentiality are the ones mentioned in my terms and conditions

I do not work with sex offenders.

If you are interested, book here or contact me for more information:

Marion Mensing